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O u r G a n g

Where is this?


#022 "Saturday Morning" (1922)

Where is the river OGs are playing?

1 Bridge where Mickey throws cello.

It seems that the walking area and the road are separated clearly.
Characteristic railings of arabesque patterns.
Is it a train transmission line?

2 River play

Distinctive truss bridge

3 River play

From here you can see lots of chimneys.

4 Bridge

There is a tank.

A bridge that is very similar was found.

1925 Macy Street Bridge over Los Angeles River

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Gates' Birdseye View of Los Angeles (1909)

Maybe this is between Macy St bridge and Aliso St bridge in Los Angeles River.

1923 View looking east showing the Macy Street Bridge over the Los Angeles River

1925 Old Macy Street Bridge

The Old Aliso Bridge Looking south from the Macy Street Bridge circa 1920

A streetcar crosses the Aliso Street bridge


mabey 1930s
Macy St bridge is now East Caesar E Chavez Ave bridge.

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View East Cesar E Chavez Ave bridge (Macy St bridge) from the on of El Monte Busway (Aliso St bridge)

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